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Internet Services

I support network engineering and server design, installation, and maintenance (including WWW, NetNews, ftp, mail, and other basic types of servers).

I exclusively use the rock-solid Linux operating system on all the servers I administer. I prefer the Debian GNU/Linux distribution due to it's configurability, ease of remote maintenance, and high quality. See my home page for more of my thoughts about Debian's virtues.

ISP Consulting

I think that regional and community-based ISPs are the future of the Internet. Very large scale internetworking is horrendously complicated and it may be decades before the Big Boys can master the art (if ever). The small provider using standard, proven UNIX tools can manage their networks more reliably (in general). Moreover, people are looking for community services which small ISPs have time to support and encourage. I'm committed to helping small ISPs in particular the Mom and Pop ISP get started in the ISP world and give them competitive advantage over the "Big Boys".

Debian GNU/Linux Support

Debian is well designed for many computing needs (including providing Internet services, software development, multimedia application, generic workstations, and much more). Since I participate in and follow the development of Debian fairly closely, I can advise upon the use of Debian for your computing needs as well as install and maintain Debian servers and workstations for a wide range of applications.

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