CJ Fearnley's Thoughts About Addressing the Global Security Problem

We must propose a comprehensive, complete solution to the Global Security Problem (or what the US President has mistakenly called "the war on terrorism"). Then break it into priorities and implement those priorities that are most pressing (with or without the support of big government, big business or big religion). In September 2004, FPIF published the report A Secure America in a Secure World which provides a comprehensive plan. I endorse it as the best, most comprehensive plan that I have seen to date.

Here are some additional steps that I think are necessary to address the Global Security Problem:

  1. Identify the root causes of violence (Causes of Violence and Digging Up The Roots Of Violence By George Hosking).
  2. Work to reduce violent behavior (The Hand That Rocks The Cradle - Summary).
  3. Work to cure and prevent violence apply An Ounce Of Prevention and recognize that Violence is a Curable Disease).
  4. Effective conflict prevention by identifying and redressing the causes of conflicts before they escalate to the level of violent responses (that is, terrorism or "pre-emptive" war). There are two issues: identification of situations that may lead to conflict (proactive prevention) and developing effective means to redress those conflicts before they lead to violence (diffusing conflicts).
  5. Effective conflict resolution. To resolve the conflict on a sustainable basis. Which means implementing incisive, real solutions on a long term basis.
  6. Effective law enforcement of criminals (I think terrorism needs to be criminalized. Terrorism is generally not a government sanctioned activity and can not be effectively handled with the blunt instrument of war).

I think we need to address the law enforcement issue issue first. That is, we need to define international law and its enforcement. History shows that extensive checks and balances must be applied to law enforcement to ensure justice is carried out justly.

Please suggest additional ideas and resources.

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