101.01 Synergy means behavior of whole systems unpredicted by the behavior of their parts taken separately.

102.00 Synergy means behavior of integral, aggregate, whole systems unpredicted by behaviors of any of their components or subassemblies of their components taken separately from the whole.

-- R. Buckminster Fuller, Synergetics, 1975

Synergetics Collaborative Synergetics, in the broadest terms, is the study of spatial complexity, and as such is an inherently comprehensive discipline. ... Experience with synergetics encourages a new way of approaching and solving problems. Its emphasis on visual and spatial phenomena combined with Fuller's holistic approach fosters the kind of lateral thinking which so often leads to creative breakthroughs.

-- Amy Edmondson

SNEC Pow-Wow on 5-6 October 2002 in Falls Church, Virginia

Thank you to Russell Chu for hosting this SNEC meeting!

5-6 October 2002, Falls Church, VA.

Saturday the 5th was a day of meeting old and new friends, informal discussions, showing of models and fun model building using Stuart Quimby's new magnetic building system. Oh, not to forget the great Chinese dinner.

The meeting began at 8:00 AM with CJ Fearnley opening the meeting and introducing Ed Applewhite as the 1st speaker. Ed spoke of many people asking him "What is Fuller going to be most remembered for?" His answer: Fuller's most lasting contribution was inventing a completely new way to measure experience. He also pointed out that over half of the people that understood Fuller's geometry, in this generation, were present in this room.

Joe Clinton gave a powerful computer presentation that was projected on screen. He also brought and talked about the beautiful models from early days with Fuller, projects with NASA, his teachings and more. It was a great tour in Synergetics and Design Science. Only regret is that his and the time for others was limited.

Bob Gray showed a few of his web papers: The mathematics of the Jitterbug motion, Relations between some Physics equations and the geometry of the IVM, Jitterbug, etc., and An interesting polyhedron which "unifies" the basic polyhedra.

Yasushi Kajikawa presented his ideas about emergency shelter and asked for assistance in realizing his vision.

Bonnie DeVarco discussed her educational and on-line work and introduced us to John Graham via the Internet connection.

Kirby Urner updated us on his educational and Internet outreach activities.

Stuart Quimby spoke about his initiatives to build an Internet portal for the Design Science Community.

Marvin Solit spoke about his Holistic Geometry.

CJ Fearnley presented two papers. On-line versions are available at The Search for an Algebra or Calculus for Synergetics and Synergetics and Linux.

David Lovler reviewed his geometric explorations.

Jeannie Moberly presented on "Curvilinear Perspective".

Russell Chu presented on Synergetics Crystallography.

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