Linux and Synergetics

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LinuxForce's Vision Statement

LinuxForce sees the synergies within and between the complex of local and Internet-based, partially overlapping, always transforming organizations of people ("communities") as the most significant evolutionary force in our culture, our economy and our business. Our broadest aim is to contribute to the continuing synergetic developments of, in, and between these communities. LinuxForce's immediate aim is to provide our most valued community, our customers, with Linux-based software solutions and services to economically improve their operations.

LinuxForce's Mission Statement

LinuxForce's mission is to provide computing solutions built upon Linux, Debian GNU/Linux, and other open source software to the institutional, professional services, corporate, and academic communities. LinuxForce offers the market a wide range of software solutions and outsourced systems management services. LinuxForce develops these solutions with a proven methodology that starts with listening to the customer's real needs, analyzing the whole situation, strategizing to develop an incisive and cost-effective solution, which is then built, tested thoroughly, and evaluated on an on-going basis.

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