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The articles referenced below discuss R. Buckminster Fuller or related subjects (geodesic domes, synergetics, fullerene chemistry, etc). Some articles highlight people who were influenced by Fuller but otherwise do not discuss Fuller or his work.
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News --- Updated 24 July 2006

  • (17 July 2006; Blogcritics.org) Howard Dratch reviews the book "Inventing Modern America" by David E. Brown which includes a profile of R. Buckminster Fuller
  • (23 October 2005; Boston Globe) Bucky's world The Boston Globe publishes a broad retrospective of Fuller led by Michael John Gorman's new book, ''Buckminster Fuller: Designing for Mobility"
  • (14 September 2005; Detroit Metro Times) Pimp my dome Stylish and sturdy, could geodesic dome houses factor in the rebuilding of New Orleans?
  • (5 September 2005; North County Times; Escondido, CA) Poway man designs Qubits for kids is about Mark Burginger's Fuller inspired toy
  • News --- Updated 16 July 2006

  • (13 July 2006; MIT Technology Review) It's Not Too Early A commentary about what we need about the energy crisis starting with Fuller's energy grids idea
  • (3 July 2006; CNET News.com) Geodesic domes: 'Doing more with less' A story about Katrina and Pacific Domes and more
  • (28 June 2006; Energy Pulse) Spontaneous Cooperation -- Decades in the making Peter Meisen, writes about the increasing progress in interconnecting the world's energy grid
  • News --- Updated 13 November 2005

    1. (31 August 2005; Blogcritics.org) Buckminster Fuller's Experiment: What CAN One Person Accomplish? Laura Young blogs about the "Guinea Pig B" experiment.
    2. (25 July 2005; Art Daily) Buckminster Fuller Photographs On View
    3. (4 July 2005; Honolulu Star-Bulletin) Skygate sole sculpture by Noguchi in Hawaii mentions the Noguchi-Fuller connection.
    4. (19 June 2005; Fort Wayne Journal Gazette) For some Minnesota families, there's no place like dome.
    5. (31 May 2005; WorldChanging) Spaceship Earth, the Game a posting by Jon Lebkowsky discusses a massively multiplayer online game based on Fuller's thinking.
    6. (17 May 2005; Voice of America) WALKER Art Center Gets Makeover discusses The Critical Path, a 14-minute animated documentary about architect, inventor and visionary Buckminster Fuller was created by Benita Raphan.

    News --- Updated 7 November 2005

    1. (27 May 2005; Palo Alto Weekly) Dancing queen At 80, dancer Chloe Scott is still on her toes discusses Scott and her dance group Dymaxion.

    News --- Updated 13 May 2005

    1. (19 Mar 2005; Canada Western Catholic Reporter, Edmonton, Alberta) Life of the planet or life of the poor? -- Suzanne Elston includes a several paragraph discussion of GENI and Fuller.
    2. (13 Mar 2005; WDIV, Detroit, MI) Discover Camps At The Henry Ford Eighth graders will be introduced to Fuller's work and others
    3. (11 Mar 2005; The Southern, Carbondale, IL) On the endangered list: State preservation group says Tuscan Lodge needs to be saved mentions the success of the "Bucky Dome" fundraising effort
    4. (22 Feb 2005; Village Voice) Disorient Express Eric Richards makes sensuous love to his peculiar sounds mentions formative experience with Fuller
    5. (17 Feb 2005; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) Smithsonian show celebrates sculptor Isamu Noguchi mentions friendship with Fuller

    News --- Updated 16 February 2005

    1. (15 Feb 2005; Washington Post) Eclectic Author Edmund Applewhite Dies an obituary of Fuller's long time collaborator and SNEC member, Ed Applewhite
    2. (15 Feb 2005; Art Daily) Robert Rauschenberg from the Permanent Collection an article on Rauschenberg mentions his Black Mountain experience with Fuller
    3. (11 Feb 2005; Pittsburgh Business Times, Pittsburgh, PA) Garfield prefers prefabricated building approach an article on pre-fab construction mentions Fuller's work in the field
    4. (11 Feb 2005; Washington Post) Deft Benefits: Isamu Noguchi Played It Safe, but His Touch Was Sure an article that mentions the Fuller-Noguchi relationship
    5. (30 Jan 2005; Staten Island Advance, Staten Island, NY) On war and peace (mostly peace) an article about war and peace quotes Fuller
    6. (28 Jan 2005; Artnet, New York, NY) Noguchi at 100 an article about the Noguchi centenary mentions Noguchi's bust of Buckminster Fuller and their relationship

    News --- Updated 22 January 2005

    1. (22 Jan 2005; San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco, CA) A book review on freeing slaves starts with a description of Fuller's Trimtab idea

    News --- Updated 17 January 2005

    1. (15 Jan 2005; Queens Chronicle, Queens, NY) An article on fun activities in Queens mentions the geodesic aviary designed by Buckminster Fuller for the 1964-65 Worlds Fair.
    2. (11 Jan 2005; Colts Neck News Transcript, Colts Neck, NJ) New Jersey 4th grade student chooses Buckminster Fuller for "Invention Convention" presentation

    News --- Updated 13 January 2005

    1. (12 Jan 2005; MaineToday.com, Portland, ME) Futurist August Jaccaci with ties to Buckminster Fuller will speak in Portland, ME on January 28

    News --- Updated 31 December 2004

    1. (31 Dec 2004; Seattle Times, Seattle, WA) Cindy Loose's review of the Henry Ford Museum including a mention of Fuller's prefab house which is on display (this is a reprint of the Concord Times' piece which we referenced on 6 Dec)

    News --- Updated 22 December 2004

    1. (22 Dec 2004; Interior Design) A story about Isamu Noguchi mentions his friendship with Fuller

    News --- Updated 10 December 2004

    1. (10 Dec 2004; Guardian Unlimited Travel, UK) Simon Mills writes a travelogue about Whitepod where you stay in a geodesic pod

    News --- Updated 7 December 2004

    1. (7 Dec 2004; The Globe and Mail, Toronto, ON, Canada) Broadcaster Patrick Watson's autobiography discusses his friendship with Buckminster Fuller and building his dome home

    News --- Updated 6 December 2004

    1. (6 Dec 2004; Concord Monitor, Concord, NH) A review of the Henry Ford Museum including the phrase "a particularly ingenious prefab house designed by Buckminster Fuller"

    News --- Updated 29 November 2004

    1. (26 Nov 2004; Telegraph.co.uk, London, England, UK) The Sage music centre in Gateshead by architect Norman Foster and his partner Spencer de Grey cites Fuller's influence

    News --- Updated 28 November 2004

    I found some news items from August hidden in my inbox that may still have some relevance.
    1. (25 August 2004) Arrol Gellner profiles three architects including Fuller who were outsiders
    2. (5 August 2004) Carl Solway pays tribute to friend Buckminster Fuller in exhibit
    3. The Insider's List Episode FLINS-111 (which aired in August) discussed Prefab Homes includes a sneak preview of this FINE LIVING show on Home & Garden Television (HGTV) including a segment on Domes
    4. (29 July 2004) Molly Corey's The Dome Project (2004) and Oscar Tuazon's Geodesic Domes are reviewed in this piece

    News --- Updated 20 November 2004

    1. (6 Oct 2004) World Science: The universe may be revealing its shape, new evidence suggests the shape may be a bizarre form of a dodecahedron

    News --- Updated 19 November 2004

    1. Pittsburgh Tribune-Review publishes a piece Geodesic domes combine style, function
    2. The International Herald tribune's piece For Lloyd Kahn, the hand-built home is still where it's at

    Older News --- Updated 17 October 2004

    1. The award winning official website of former Dodger President Walter O'Malley includes an extensive section documenting the connection between O'Malley and R. Buckminster Fuller
    2. Novelist and former research assistant of Buckminster Fuller, Daniela Kuper, is profiled in The Ellsworth American (Ellsworth, ME)
    3. Lloyd Kahn author of "Domebook One", "Domebook 2", and "Refried Domes" is profiled in the New York Times (free subscription required)

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