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The R. Buckminster Fuller FAQ

Christopher J. Fearnley,

v.1.4.0, 6 November 2002
This is the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQ) Resource on R. Buckminster Fuller. It is based primarily on the history of the discussions, interests, and needs of the readers of the BITNET mailing list Geodesic and its USENET gateway bit.listserv.geodesic (I will use the word ``GEODESIC'' or sometimes simply ``the list'' to refer to these two gatewayed discussion areas). Some of the information could be in error (especially addresses and phone numbers). Please send all errors and suggestions to the FAQ maintainer, Chris Fearnley (

1. Introduction

2. Synergetics

3. Fuller's Ideas About Human Society: Critical Path

4. Geodesic Domes

5. Other Inventions

6. Miscellany

7. Net Resources

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