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1. Introduction

Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983) is the renowned inventor of the geodesic dome, the world game, and a new system of mathematics called synergetics. He was a polymath whose writings and lectures touched upon every aspect of the human condition. He was a ``new-former'' pointing out, exploring and prototyping designs in numerous, previously uncharted areas of science and humanity. His greatest writings were Critical Path, Synergetics (2 volumes), and posthumously Cosmography. Since his physical death a class of recently discovered allotropes of carbon, the fullerenes, have been named in his honor.

A note on the compilation of this material. I tried to preserve as much about the original authors as possible. Some citations are in brackets before the text, others follow it. Most material is directly taken from the mailing lists and newsgroups (with minor editing to correct typos, a bit of streamlining, etc,.).


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