CJ Fearnley's List of Buckminster Fuller Resources on the Internet

Buckminster Fuller in the News

Sites with a General Perspective on The Work of R. Buckminster Fuller

  1. Buckminster Fuller Institute (BFI)
  2. The Estate of R. Buckminster Fuller
  3. Bucky Fuller FAQ
  4. Buckminster Fuller Virtual Institute
  5. Buckminster Fuller; From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
  6. Buckminster Fuller Quotes; From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
  7. Fuller (R. Buckminster) Papers
  8. The Planet's Friendly Genius - Buckminster Fuller

Fuller's Writings On-Line

  1. Synergetics by R. Buckminster Fuller --- Full Text On-Line
  2. Grunch of Giants
  3. Operating Manual For Spaceship Earth (BFI Version)
  4. Buckminster Fuller - Grunch of Giants (pdf document)
  5. Everything I Know - Video Transcript
  6. Design Science Decade (Various Documents)
  7. Guinea Pig B
  8. Tensegrity

Bloggers with themes frequently related to Buckminster Fuller's Work

  1. Talking About Systems with Linda Booth Sweeney
  2. Patricia Ravasio's BuckyIdeas
  3. Kirby Urner's blog: Grain of Sand: Kirby Plays World Game
  4. Kirby Urner's blog: Control Room: Operation Spaceship Earth
  5. Kirby Urner's blog: On the road with Global Data
  6. Kirby Urner's essays on Medium
  7. George Mokray's Medium Posts
  8. George Mokray's Geometry Links
  9. C6XTY Blog (Sam Lanahan's work)
  10. Gil Friend's blog: Strategic Sustainability, and other worthy themes of our time
  11. dMass, Inc.
  12. Greg Watson's blog: 12 Degrees of Freedom
  13. Scale Independent Thought: Bonnie DeVarco explores the arcs & edges of visual experience
  14. Broad Porch: Plays, Poetry, Politics and Prophecy (D. W. Jacobs)
  15. Wholemovement
  16. RanDome
  17. Autonomous Housing
  18. BLOG: Dymaxion World: Between Utopia and Oblivion
  19. Wholemovement
  20. Michael Riversong's blog
  21. Joo Hock's blog: "Bucky's "University" (aka University of Life)
  22. Leif Thor's blog: A Conversation about Structure
  23. Tools and Notions: The guide to tools, toys, and ideas for a worthy future.

Sites Relating to Synergetics

  1. A Fuller Explanation: The Synergetic Geometry of R. Buckminster Fuller by Amy Edmondson --- Full Text On-Line
  2. Synergetics Collaborative
  3. Synergetics on the Web
  4. Richard Hawkins Synergetic Geometry
  5. Robert W. Gray's Notes to R. Buckminster Fuller's Work
  6. Russell Chu's Hope Page
  7. George W. Hart --- Index
  8. Waterman Polyhedron
  9. Flexible Polyhedra
  10. The Math Forum
  11. Center for Tetrahedron Studies
  12. An Introduction to the Energetic-Synergetic Geometry of R. Buckminster Fuller

Sites Relating to Fuller's Ideas About Human Society

  1. GENI: A Working Solution to the Worlds Problems ! Global Energy Network International
  2. World Game Institute
  3. Critical Path Project
  4. Whole Systems
  5. New Civilization Network
  6. News for a Synergic Earth
  7. Global Ecovillage Network
  8. Sonic Bloom

Sites Relating to Geodesic Domes

  1. Geodesic Dome Housing Manufacturers - dome housing
  2. EcoBusiness Links Directory of Geodesic Dome Homes
  3. Geometrica Inc.
  4. Professional Dome Plans
  5. Pacific Domes
  6. Timberline Geodesics
  7. Walt's Dome Page
  8. Geodesics Unlimited
  9. The DomeHome Companion Web Site
  10. American Ingenuity, Inc.
  11. Astro-Tec Inc.
  12. Dome Incorporated
  13. Geodesic Domes and Homes
  14. Domtec International
  15. Applied Geodesics, Inc.
  16. Albata Domes
  17. Energy Structures, Inc.
  18. Conservatek
  19. Econ-O-Dome
  20. Geo Tech Systems. Inc.
  21. Good Karma Domes
  22. Lydick's Domes Unlimited
  23. SouthEast Domes
  24. SouthEast Domes
  25. Pacific Domes
  26. The Horton Dome
  27. Kwickset Konstruction Kits Dome Homes
  28. Natural Spaces Domes
  29. Natural Habitat Domes
  30. Worldflower Garden Domes
  31. Oregon Dome, Inc.
  32. The Dome Company
  33. Igla-Desic Structures
  34. Archway Construction & Consulting
  35. Project Bio/Home
  36. Solardome Industries Ltd.
  37. Domes Northwest
  38. Temcor
  39. Megadome Construction Company
  40. Growing Spaces, Inc.
  41. markt's (geodesic) Dome page
  42. New Age Construction Co.
  43. Shelter Systems
  44. Starnet International Corp.
  45. Common Wealth Solar Svs.
  46. Starplate Building System
  47. Dome Corporation Of North America
  48. Institute for Lightweight Structures
  49. Geodesic Structures by Steve Miller
  50. Domeartifacts.com
  51. J.W. Rich and Geodesics NZ
  52. Starship-Enterprises.Com
  53. Growing Spaces
  55. Geodome
  56. Geodesic Domes and Charts of the Heavens
  57. Vacono
  58. FullDome
  59. RBF Dome NFP
  60. Desert Domes
  61. Geodesic Dome Education: An Introduction by William Lauritzen
  62. How to Build a Geodesic Dome out of Cardboard
  63. Geodesic Clubhouse
  64. Growing Spaces, Inc.
  65. Lodge Tech

Other Inventions of Bucky Fuller

  1. Dymaxion Car
  2. 3d model of the dymaxion car
  3. Fuller's Dymaxion House
  4. Mathematics and Tensegrity
  5. A Practical Guide to Tensegrity Design
  6. Jay Salsburg's Geodesic Math page

Sites Relating to Fullerene Science

  1. Fullerenes At Widener
  2. Kim Allen's Fullerene Page
  3. Geometry Of Fullerenes
  4. Fullerene Science Module
  5. Carbon Cages: LBL Scientists Study Fullerenes

Miscellaneous Sites

  1. CJ Fearnley
  2. R. W. Gray
  3. Kirby Urner
  4. Bob Burkhardt's Website
  5. Qubits
  6. The Planet's Friendly Genius - Buckminister Fuller By Mary Bellis
  7. Tetworld Center for Peace and Global Strategic Gaming
  8. Pat Salsbury's "Reality Sculptors" Web Site
  9. Michael Stutz
  10. A site about connecting the arts and sciences
  11. A (Buckminster) Fuller Universe
  12. The Bucky Fuller Travelling Miracle Medicine Show
  13. Blaine A. D'Amico's web site
  14. Portrait of the Atom as a Force Diagram in Space
  15. 1946 Fortune Article
  16. 3D freeCAD
  17. Compression and Tension are good; Torque's a Killer.
  18. Victor Acevedo
  19. Polymorf, Inc.
  20. Living Machines
  21. Paul Fernhout: Themes: OHS / DKR vs. Design Science
  22. Buckminster Fuller: Illusive Mutant Artist by Victoria Vesna
  23. The Design-Science Revolution of R. Buckminster Fuller Outlined And Expanded by Libby Hubbard
  24. Elser's Screw
  25. Waterman Polyhedra: Convex Hulls in the IVM
  26. biagio di carlo's Site
  27. Natural Synergies
  28. OS 012
  29. wrmDesign
  30. Buckminster Fuller's Tetrascroll: Oklahoma City Museum of Art
  31. American Masters: Buckminster Fuller: Thinking Out Loud
  32. Buckminster Fuller On PBS
  33. Buckminster Fuller On PBS
  34. WNET: Bucky Fuller Dymaxion House
  35. WNET: Bucky Fuller Dymaxion Bathroom
  36. R. Buckminster Fuller (Bucky)
  38. Ask Jeeves: Fuller
  39. Architecture--Wright and Fuller
  40. Buckminster Fuller Links
  41. Bonnie DeVarco Portfolio
  42. Stafford Beer
  43. Buckminster Fuller Postage Stamp
  44. The Fuller Edutainment Company, Inc.
  45. Ecological Engineering: THE BIO-REMEDIATION BARGE
  46. Dymax Emergency Shelters
  47. Alain LOBEL Architect
  48. EARTHscope
  49. Nick Consoletti
  50. Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient R. Buckminster Fuller
  51. Buckyball: a C60 molecule
  52. The Buckyball: An Excruciatingly Researched Report
  53. What is a geodesic dome - Architecture Glossary
  54. 3d model of the dymaxion car
  55. Buckminster Fuller Paraphrased
  56. Synergetics
  57. From Platonic bodies to geodesic spheres, fullerenes, and virus
  58. The Walter O'Malley - Buckminster Fuller Connection
  59. The geodesic works of Richard Buckminster Fuller, 1948-68 : (the universe as a home of man) Yunn Chii Wong
  60. World Shelters
  61. Ocean Wave Energy Converter
  62. R. Buckminster Fuller Inventor, Designer, Architect, Theorist (1895-1983)
  63. Dipolygonids - Jitterbug Transformers
  64. Field Structure Theory
  65. WorldDay
  66. HexDome
  67. wholemovement the art and geometry of folding circles by Bradford Hansen-Smith
  68. The Synergetic Temperament System
  69. Everything I Know: The historic 42-hour session with Bucky
  70. Strategic questions
  71. Koenig Associates, Inc.
  72. Nanomechanics: Bringing a nanotouch to Biology
  73. Adrian Rossiter's Polyhedra Software and Images
  74. Flowerday's Synetic Structures
  75. November/December 1970 of Mother Earth News article on World Game
  76. R. Buckminster Fuller: Designer of the Geodesic Dome and the World Game (May/June 1971)
  77. How to Know Your Life Purpose plus How You Can Make a BIG Difference
  79. Doing Life International Inc.
  80. Project Earth
  81. The buckymap puzzle
  82. The Resonance Project Foundation
  83. Conversations with Bucky
  84. Leadership By Design: How One Individual Can Change The World
  85. On Fuller Living
  86. The geodesic works of Richard Buckminster Fuller, 1948-68: (the universe as a home of man) Authors: Wong, Yunn Chii (PhD thesis)
  87. Bucky Fuller and his World Game: an Intro to Saving Planets
  88. Bucky is Back
  89. Geodesic Help Group
  90. GEODESIC 3D Collection on Google
  91. GEODESIC Catalogs 3D Collection on Google
  92. The R. Buckminster Fuller Collection at Stanford
  93. World Resources Simulation Center
  94. The World of Professor Michael Burt
  95. Synchronofile.com
  96. Geometry of Nature
  97. Tensegrity
  98. L. Steven Sieden's Buckminster Fuller site
  99. New Tools Lab

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