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These ideas and tools are compiled to support initiatives for collaborative development of our comprehensivity, our inclination for comprehensive inquiry and action to better understand and participate in the world.

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Note on the Accessible Design of Our Resources

Our aspiration to be comprehensive means that as we add more and more resources, they tend to iterate more and more deeply into more and more traditions of comprehensive thinking. We aspire to make each of these resources accessible to all participants without prerequisites, without dependencies on other resources. Since the comprehensive approach aspires to integrating and accommodating other subjects some of which are also covered by other resources, there will frequently be overlap and there will sometimes be contradictions among our resources.

To eliminate the need to read prerequisites, each summarizes any ideas that were developed in other resources. Generally, there will be links to related resources so that interested readers can dig deeper. Readers should be able to read each resource on its own for an adequate first-cut exploration. Indeed, such cross-references might best be deferred on a first reading.

In brief, each resource is designed to be accessible on its own.

Some resources highlight a book, essay, video, or other material as the main focus for that resource. In these cases, it is generally recommended that participants read the book, essay, or video first. However, even here we have attempted to summarize the highlighted material so that each resource can be read and understood on its own, but some nuanced allusions to the referenced material may be lost if the highlighted material is not reviewed first.

Full Table of Contents for the Resource Center

  1. Humanity’s Great Traditions of Inquiry and Action 2020-07-18
  2. The Necessities and Impossibilities of Comprehensivism 2020-08-04
  3. The Fundamental Role of Story in Our Lives 2020-09-08
  4. The Comprehensive Thinking of R. Buckminster Fuller 2020-10-07
  5. The Value of The Ethnosphere 2020-11-09
  6. The Value of Multiple Working Hypotheses 2020-12-07
  7. The Inductive Attitude: A Moral Basis for Science and Comprehensivism 2021-01-06
  8. Mistake Mystique in Learning and in Life 2021-02-10
  9. Rethinking Change and Evolution: Is Genesis Ongoing? 2021-03-10
  10. How to Create That-Which-Is-Not-Yet 2021-04-06
  11. How To Explore The Future (and Why) 2021-05-04
  12. Redressing The Crises of Ignorance 2021-06-03
  13. Comprehensivism in the Islamic Golden Age 2021-07-08
  14. Shifting Perspectives and Representing The Truth 2021-08-15
  15. The Whole Shebang: “to understand all and put everything together” 2021-09-07
  16. Chronofiles: Data Mining Your Life for Comprehensive Thinking 2021-10-06
  17. Dante’s Comedìa and Our Comprehensivity 2021-11-11
  18. The Ethics of Learning from Experience 2021-12-09
  19. Comprehensive Exploration, Comprehension, and Collaboration 2022-01-06
  20. Tools for Comprehensivity: Ambiguity, Contradiction, and Paradox 2022-02-10
  21. Articulating Comprehensivity: The Comprehensive Design of Our Lives 2022-03-10
  22. What Is Comprehensive Learning? 2022-06-21
  23. The Measurements of Life (Tools for Comprehensivity) 2022-07-07
  24. Measuring Beliefs 2022-08-10
  25. The Standard for All Measurements: Our Judgment 2022-09-08
  26. Intellectual Virtues for Comprehensive Practice 2022-10-07

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