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These ideas and tools are compiled to support initiatives for collaborative development of our comprehensivity, our inclination for comprehensive inquiry and action to better understand and participate in the world.

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Our aspiration to be comprehensive means that as we add more and more resources, they tend to iterate more and more deeply into more and more traditions of comprehensive thinking. We aspire to make each of these resources accessible to all our participants without prerequisites, without dependencies on other resources.

So each resource attempts to scope out an orthogonal set of ideas that have minimal overlap with others. However, since the comprehensive approach aspires to integrating and accommodating other subjects covered by other resources, there will always be overlap and there will sometimes be contradictions among our resources.

We therefore summarize any ideas needed from other resources so that participants do not need to consult them to follow along. Although we include links to related resources so that interested readers can deepen their understanding further, readers can stay within one resource for an adequate first-cut exploration of that subject. Indeed, such cross-references might best be deferred on a first reading. Note well, each resource is designed to be accessible on its own.

Some resources highlight a book, essay, video, or other material as the main focus for that resource. In these cases, it is generally recommended that participants read the book, essay, or video first. However, even here we have attempted to summarize the highlighted material so that each resource can be read and understood on its own, but some nuanced allusions to the referenced material may be lost if the highlighted material is not read first.

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